The Body-Mind Exercise

A Taichi-Qigong-inspired self-renewal exercise for people of all ages

Greetings! Welcome to the home of Taichi Light. You are about to learn something today that will benefit your health for the rest of your life. Taichi Light helps promote good health, good spirit and a peaceful mind.

Taichi Light is a simplified form of the traditional Chinese Tai Chi and Qigong exercises. It takes only 15 minutes to practive and can be done anywhere one can find about two square meter of space: in the kitchen, in the bedroom, on the porch, in the office, in the park, or even in a quiet corridor. It is best practice in the morning and outdoors with fresh air, but could also be done indoors and before bedtime.

The practice of Tai Chi and Qigong has been popular in China for centuries, and is now practiced in over a hundred countries around the world. They have been proven by health and medical experts in the West to be effective in reducing stress, anxiety and depression; relieving chronic pain; improving cardiovascular fitness, balance and coordination; and increasing body pliability, energy and the general feeling of well-being.

However, for those who are unable or unwilling to spend months to memorize the long sequence of movements, some of which may be strenuous, Taichi Light is an easier way to reap the benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong.

Taichi Light follows the same principles of Traditional Tai Chi Classes For Beginners and Qigong For Beginners , but turns some of their key poses into a series of simplified, repetitive and stationary movements. A determined learner could follow a video and learn the exercise without an instructor in two to three months, and be able to enjoy the exercise for years to come.

Taichi Light is not about speed or strength, it is not an alternative to such exercise as jogging, weight training, Zumba or yoga. It is about stimulating the circulation of the blood and “chi” throughout the body; it is about training the mind’s power of concentration; it is about improving a sense of balance (especially in the cases of seniors); it is about increasing the general pliability of the whole body. You may also think of it as a form of moving meditation.

Here is the bad news: No matter how good and effective this exercise may be, you still hold the key to its success. In order to benefit from Taichi Light, you must commit yourself to learn the practice, and to have the personal discipline to do it consistently for a period of time.
Our experience shows that a serious learner who practices Taichi Light once a day by following this video can become comfortable with it within a month or less. After that, by practicing at least three times a week for three to four months, a learner should be able to memorize the entire procedure and be able to practice without the video. From then on, one could practice Taichi Light without the video, anytime and anywhere he or she has the time and desire to do so: a morning stroll in the park, at lunch hours in the office, or any time he or she feels stressed or emotionally overwhelmed.

The total investment for this lifetime bliss is minimum, so why not order the Taichi Light, the Body-Mind Exercise DVD now, and begin your journey to a healthier and happier self.

Did You Know?

The last Saturday of April each year is the World Tai Chi & Qigong Day.

At 10 AM local time, tai chi practitioners at hundreds of cities in over 80 countries around the world celebrate the day by gathering at local parks or other public places and demonstrate their favorite exercise.
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