The Taichi Light Video

This video has been designed to allow you to learn to practice Taichi Light without an instructor. It also requires no equipment or special clothing, although any loose and comfortable clothing is preferable. All you need is a quiet place with a space of about two square meters.

Here is what’s in this video:

1. Introduction

This section explains the background of Taichi Light, aka Body-Mind Exercise: how it is similar to, and different from, the traditional Tai Chi and Qigong practices. It also explains how it benefits your body and mind, and why almost anyone regardless of age, gender, racial or ethnic background, or physical fitness could benefit from it. It is particular suited for people with busy and hectic schedule, or seniors with limited vigor or mobility.

2. What to Do Before You Begin

This section tells you some of the things to keep in mind while practicing this exercise, and give you pointers on breathing, care for your body, the best way to get on with the exercise, and how to best enjoy the exercise while doing it. Also some cautions before you start.

3. Individual Movements in Detail

This section details the entire procedure of the exercise, including the beginning and the ending meditation, each of the 18 movements, how to transit from one movement to the next, the breathing method, and the mental imagery technique.

4. The Full Exercise, Uninterrupted

This is the most used section of the entire video. In this section, your digital teacher demonstrates the entire exercise, uninterrupted, with accompanying music. Most Taichi Light practitioners follow this demonstration in their daily practice until they are able to memorize all the movements. You could do that too.

Purchase Video

Price for the video is $19.95 each or two for $35, plus $3.90 for shipping and handling (for either one or two videos). New Jersey residents please add $1.40 sale tax for each video. You may pay by PayPal or by sending a check or money order payable to Al Chu to:

P.O. Box 1820
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The Taichi Light DVD
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